Pheed Philadelphia


Pheed Philadelphia

There are huge inequalities in access that causes many economic problems for people all over the world. One of the biggest inequalities that lie in the social classes is the distribution of food, especially healthy food. Many people who are homeless or  a part of the poor working class face the challenge of finding ways to properly nourish themselves and their families due to their low income. This disturbing fact becomes increasingly prevalent in our own city.

Recently, Philadelphia ranked 8th as one of  the cities where an appealing amount of Americans do not have enough food. In fact, 60 percent of these citizens asking for emergency food assistance  are of the working class. Because of the increase in hunger, many groups have come together to try  help feed at risk people in Philadelphia.

Pheed Philadelphia is a community service group at La Salle University that helps  those less fortune by providing them with healthy meals. Established in 2011, this student-ran program works with different soup kitchens to ensure that distribution of food are available to everyone, regardless of class or income.  Some of the many groups that Pheed works with are Face to Face,Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, St. Francise Inn, and Sarnelli House.

” La Salle students will work towards fighting hunger in the Philadelphia area through active involvement in local soup kitchens, dining halls, and on-campus awareness programs, advocating for the elimination of hunger and poverty.”says UMAS, La Salle University Ministry and Service.

With such a huge task at hand, Pheed Philadelphia looks for new groups to emerge with and volunteers to help make their mission a little easier. This program reaches out for students willing to work at least once a week at one of the many sites that they work with. If you are a student on LaSalle’s campus, you should definitely look into helping out. It is a great way to meet people and give back to the community.


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