Sistas Helping Sistas


Sisters Returning Home

Jesus forgives and so does the ladies of Caanan Baptist Church.


Sign of Organization

Located on 302 West Schoolhouse Lane, Sisters Returning Home is a program ran by  Caanan Baptist Church that gives incarcerated women second chances at life by helping them make the transition from being convicts to successful women in society.

The organization helps each woman by pairing them with a case manager, who counsels members by helping each women determine their goals that they would like to accomplish for the present year.


Sims going over daily task

“They do want to succeed, but they have so many barriers, financial barriers,” says Peggy Sims, program director of Sisters Returning Home.

As a way to help these women get over the barriers found  in society, the organization assists with finding jobs and housing for the members of the program by providing them with referrals to a number of available resources and job opportunities in the community.

This non-profit organization has worked extensively to provide each women with access to food banks to feed their families, welcome home baskets filled with hygiene products, and even suitable attire for  the women who land job interviews.


Awards and achievements of the program

For such great effectiveness in helping the community, Sisters Returning home have received  many rewards from the Pennsylvania office of Commonwealth from Gov., Tom Corbett and Sen. Washington


Shot of Sisters Returning Home

Although the organization has greatly contributed to the community, Sims also voices her concern regarding funding for the program due to a lack of support from the community. She hopes that within the next year there will be more government laws and organizations geared to help ex-convicts.

In order to help our fellow sisters return home we must all understand that these are our sisters, our mothers, our friends who have made mistakes. That in order to become better people, each of us need to advocate for this program and others like it who open the door to individuals who many have turned their backs against.


La Salle student working along with leaders of the program to better social media tools.


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