Today’s Discussion on Online Journalism


On estimate, the average American consumes about 15.5 hours of media a day. whether it is broadcast, print, or the ever so popular online journalism, many of us deeply rely on this forum as an informative tool to keep us in the know. Because of this, my group members and I discussed how online journalism has contributed to the evolution of mass media by illustrating the pros of the developing medium.

During the beginning of online print, many considered the forum to be a threat to the world of journalism. However, it has helped improve it in so many ways. One of the ways in which it has improved the world of journalism is through its ability to reach millions of people  in a short amount of time. With so much breaking news occurring within each second, uploading news to the web allows journalists to get information out in a timely manner that would not be possible if they were working for a newspaper.

Another pro to online print is that it protects the identity of journalist. Recently in the news, the attacks on Charlie Hebdo has sent journalist and citizens in an uproar because many believe that it infringes on freedom of speech and scares journalist into silencing themselves against public interest . With online journalism, many journalist can continue to report the news without being afraid of being attacked for delivering the news.

These contributions made by online journalism is important because so much of the media is influential in our daily lives. Eventually, I hope to analyze ho such powerful forms of journalism also contributes to our eating habits.


How to eat great and enjoy it


Welcome to the Glamorous world of Nutrition. In today’s society, many people negatively associate healthy eating as a socially isolating task that can be expensive to keep up with. However, it does not have to be that way. With this blog, I want to inform readers on how to eat what they want while so eating healthy so that we can change the current connotation of nutrition. Instead of being looked upon as a dreadful, healthy eating should be looked at as a chic lifestyle that betters our the way we live.